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Welcome to the new social and wedding salon in the professional online wedding store.Our bridal salon will create a charming bride or star social events. You can find our clothes selected brands from the fashion world countries, especially the U.S., France, Spain and Italy.


Thanks to our offer different models of the brands from around the world for you to choose the most beautiful dress in which you will feel great and will fit perfectly. Cinderella Bridal salon offers wedding dresses of Miss Kelly Paris, Divina Sposa, Miss Paris, Jasmine Bridal, Agnes, Gemma Gabriel and more. You can choose from flowing gowns to sophisticated sophisticated models decorated with Swarovski components.

Under the contract, you are entitled to the following services:

- The first test of wedding dresses with their reservations
- Second test wedding dresses with accessories (you need to arrange a telephone term testing in advance, so that clothes were in the salon available - were not borrowed) - This test is not necessary, it is up to you whether you want to attend or not
- The third and final test wedding dress before the wedding while picking up her dress
- Any adjustments + preparation bridesmaid dress before the wedding
- Clean clothes after the wedding (normal soiling)
- 1 x wardrobe changes for others without giving any reason, change clothes for others due to changes in the character indefinitely
- To get a free dress blue garter for good luck and a handbag of your choice to rent
- The dress you can borrow for free social change of clothes for the bride (for her)
- Get two coupons for 50% discount on lace bridesmaid dresses (for mom, etc. only witness to the wedding date)
- Watch more current offers and discounts in the relevant section of the site

More information regarding the selection of wedding dresses (how, when, what dress, what to watch, rental conditions, etc.) is posted on the Wedding Guide .

Wedding dress according to the type of character

I have a little advice when you go to look for a wedding dress. Each type of figure flattering something else. It would be a shame to choose the wedding dress that will emphasize your figure imperfections. Unfortunately, I've seen a lot of brides that were inappropriate bridesmaid dress. For some, it was so tragic, it's been stated and my husband. :-( To avoid this error and be in your D day really perfect :-)

Type the characters - Triangle
Characteristics: The upper half of the body is more slender, waist is quite significant, hips and buttocks are wider, thicker thighs
kind of dress: choose a dress that will be richly decorated upper part (beads, embroidery, wrinkled fabric, flowers), do not worry projmutých dress under the breasts

Type the characters - inverted triangle
Characteristics: The upper half of the body is larger, often with large breasts and broad shoulders, the figure downward tapering sides are almost boyish
kind of dress: choose a backless dress (preferably in V), avoid decorating the upper part (no ruffles, beads, beads, lace and embroidery significant), are also suitable dress with wide straps or sleeves ( shoulders, thus producing impression that they are narrower)

Type the characters - diamond
characteristics:   problematic center of the body, undefined waist, legs and top are slimmer compared to the center of the body
kind of dress: here you will be flattering flower girls dresses that are Fitted under the bust and down are flowing or choose looser fit overall, definitely says no corsets!

Type the characters - Oval
characteristics: a stronger upper body, bigger breasts and belly, not very noticeable waist, bigger butt, slimmest part of the body, the legs
kind of dress: you suggest a looser fit clothes, beware of the distinctive embellishments and ruffles at the top of the

Type the characters - Rectangle
characteristic: equal character without noticeable hips and waist, typically boyish figure, but that may be stronger
kind of dress: for you are as divided "princess" dress (top and a tight skirt rich), you can also select full skirts (short, everything you hide your buttocks and waist)

Type the characters - eight
Characteristics: similar to oval, with a defined waist, problem areas are mainly thighs, buttocks and tummy
kind of dress: Forget the dress with clamped and greatly decorated topped!, in this case, dial fitted dress under the breasts, avoid

Type the characters - hourglass
characteristics: symmetrical figure with salient hips, larger breasts and a noticeable waist
kind of dress: do not be afraid to emphasize your femininity and choose tight dress will suit you the sheath dress or the dress fish (I prefer the term penguin), where the clothes are tight and part of the knee is extended and richly frilled or reduced waist

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